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There are currently 10 types of Perk to enhance your game experience, and they last for the entire Farm Pass season once you collect them!

  • Additional Booster Slot

You can acquire one extra free slot for your active Boosters, for the entire Farm Pass season. This means you can have two Boosters active at any time, for free!

  • Extra Truck Help/Extra Town Help/Extra Boat Help

When requesting help on your Truck, Town, or Boats, you can request one extra help slot. These three Perks last until the Farm Pass season ends!

  • Free Extra Wheel of Fortune Spin

Once per day, you can spin the Wheel one extra time for free! Again, until the Farm Pass season ends.

  • An Extra, Free Valley Fuel Spin Perk

Which works similarly to the Wheel of Fortune spin.

  • More Neighborhood Requests

Place two Neighborhood requests at the same time, during the entire Farm Pass season.

  • More Production Slots

Select between three different Production Buildings, to get two extra production slots for the entire Farm Pass season.

  • Neighborhood Diamond Gifting

This is something special for all the Neighborhoods! Getting this Perk allows you to gift Diamonds to 5 neighbors! The gift goes into the Neighborhood chat, and the first five neighbors to claim it, get it. This is a one-time Perk!

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