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Personal Train

Personal Train

Your Personal Train unlocks at Reputation level 4 and repairing it costs 13.000 Coins. This little train on the right side of the Train Station can pick up visitors from your Neighborhood friends’ and Greg’s platforms. Tap on the train to see how many visitors are waiting on whose platform.

Pick up visitors

If you’ve decided to pick up visitors from a neighbor, just tap on the neighbor’s avatar and you will be taken to his/her Town. Then tap on his/her Train Station to see a pop-up window that shows a list of visitors and Services Buildings they would like to visit. Select the ones you want to pick up and use the train icon at the bottom right of the window to look around other neighbor’s visitors in waiting if you want.

When you are all set, don’t forget to tap on the green train button at the bottom left of the main screen to send the visitors to your Town, and mission accomplished. Now it’s the maintenance time for the Personal Train, after which you can send it out again.

Upgrade the Personal Train

The Personal Train can be upgraded with Refined Coal and Metal Bars. There are two upgrade options:

  • Upgrade visitor capacity (pick up more visitors, up to 10, from neighbors in each run)
  • Decrease maintenance time (to a minimum of 1.5 hour)


Sometimes you cannot pick up more visitors even if there are spare rooms in your Personal Train, because the number of visitors you can pick up is also limited by the maximum capacity of your Town Hall.

You can only serve visitors you pick up from your neighbors once.

If the EGGspress Train arrives before you get to your neighbor’s Town, it will pick all visitors from the platform and take the visitors home.

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