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Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is a way to save more Tokens for the end of the Valley season!

In addition to regular Tokens that go to the Token Wallet, extra Tokens will be rewarded when you complete normal Building Requests (including Group Requests) and will be stored in your Piggy Bank.

You can open your Piggy Bank with 25 diamonds at the end of the Valley season, and add those Tokens to your wallet. This is possible even if it exceeds the limit, allowing you to buy up to 2 items from the Exclusive Shops!

Useful to know

  • Tokens are carried over

Whether you open the Piggy Bank or not, saved and leftover Tokens will be transferred to your Piggy Bank for the next Valley season.

  • Piggy Bank Limit

Piggy Bank can hold up to 1200 Tokens.

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