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Product Making

Product Making

For making products like Cakes, Muffins, Diamond Rings or any other product in the game, you need to have the correct Production Machine and all the right ingredients!

Queuing Products

Each machine produces one item at a time, but you can queue your desired products in the available slots!

Once the product is queued, you cannot discard or switch it! Make sure you check your inventory before queuing a product, to avoid using up all your ingredients.

If you have all the ingredients, just drag the product in the production queue and the machine will start making it.

Useful to know

  • Production queue is full

If you receive the message "production queue is full" when the production slots of the building are empty, make sure that you don't have too many products ready on the building's desk. If this is the case, you need to move these products to the Barn before producing more of them!

  • Barn is full

If your Barn is full, you can upgrade it or you can sell some of the items you don't need in your Roadside Shop. Once you cleared some space, move the products from the building's desk to the Barn and you will then be able to start the production once again.

  • Product ingredients preview

You can press & hold a product you wish to make, in order to see the number of ingredients needed!

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