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Production Building

Production Building

Production Buildings are machines used to make all the various products available in the game. Each building is unlocked at a different Farm level. Players can find Production Buildings either on the Farm or around the Fishing Lake.

All the Farm Production Buildings can be purchased using Coins in the shop. The cost of each building increases according to the Farm level, and the same for building time. If players wish to speed up the building process, they can use diamonds to do so.

Upgrading Buildings

Each Production Building comes with one to three slots to start. Players have an option to unlock more slots up to a maximum of 9 slots for all buildings by using diamonds. Keep in mind that the cost of diamonds to buy additional slots increases with each expansion.

Building Mastery

Masteries are Production Building boosts which can be unlocked as the player uses the machine to produce items. Every time players produce an item using the machines, they gain experience with that machine, which is measured in hours. Once a certain target is reached, a Mastery Star will be given, up to a maximum of 3 stars.

Each Mastery Star gives a different type of boosts such as Time, Coins, or Experience points. The machine’s appearance may turn gold once it reaches its maximum mastery. Players can check their current progress with a machine by tapping the (i) button that hovers just above the production slots.

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