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Roadside Shop

Roadside Shop

The Roadside Shop is where you can do worldwide business with all other players!

The Roadside Shop unlocks at Farm Level 7 and allows you to put for sale everything that’s in your Barn, Silo, and Helper’s storage, just by tapping on an empty box, which will bring up the item selection menu.

You can adjust the price and amount of items you want to sell, and you can choose if you want them to show up on the Daily Dirt by ticking the “newspaper” icon!

You can advertise a box every 5 minutes, or skip this waiting time by spending 1 Diamond. You can’t take back an item put on sale, but you can trash the item by tapping on the “trash” icon! This costs 1 Diamond and allows you to clear space in the Roadside Shop for more urgent goods you want to put on sale.

Sometimes, Tom or Greg may purchase items from your Roadside Shop, if those items have been on sale for a certain amount of time without being purchased by other players.

Unlocking more boxes

Up to 10 items can be put on sale in one box for one time. Unlocking more boxes helps you expand your business. You can do so by:

  • Spending Diamonds

The cost increases as you keep unlocking more boxes.

  • Adding Facebook Friends who play Hay Day

Up to 13 boxes can be unlocked this way.

Daily buying limit of Roadside Shop

In order to better balance trading, every day there is a buying limit that is only valid for Expansion and Upgrade Materials. Once you have reached the limit, you will get a message from the game! Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to buy more materials in the Roadside Shop.

Note! You can check your daily limit counter and reset timer in your Farm's profile by tapping on your XP bar and go to the second tab.

Change the name of your Roadside Shop

Depending on which account your Farm is connected with, the Roadside Shop’s name can come from:

  • Your Facebook name
  • Google Account/Game Center nickname

Therefore, if you want to change it, just change the name of your connected account!

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