The Valley

Sanctuary Valley!

Sanctuary Valley!

The Sanctuary Valley is a Valley mode where you’ll be able to move your Truck around to collect cute Sanctuary Animals!

What are Sanctuary Animals?

Sanctuary Animals in the Valley are resources that are collected as a group, and used to unlock the Exclusive Valley Shop for everyone on the map!

Collect animals from the road and take them back to the nearest Animal Sanctuary. Delivering Sanctuary Animals rewards you with Tokens, significantly more than completing Building Tasks!

How to deliver Sanctuary Animals?

Upon your arrival at the Animal Sanctuary, the collected animals will be carefully unloaded from your Truck. To ensure that they are well delivered, it might take a while to get them all off your Truck. You can use Diamonds to speed up the process.

Useful to know
  • Special Animal Sanctuary Nodes

These nodes will not spawn any request, nor do they request any specific animal, thus you are able to deliver any type of Sanctuary Animals! The Truck can only load up to 3 animals at a time.

  • Escaping Animals

Be careful! While driving them to the Sanctuary, animals can escape. Take a look around your nearby nodes, they probably didn’t run all too far!

  • Bonus

Delivering more than 1 animal at a time provides a bonus % of Tokens!

  • The spawn of Sanctuary Animals

More Sanctuary Animals will be spawned towards the end of the Valley Season!

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