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Silo, Barn & Tackle box

Silo, Barn & Tackle box


All the products, animal goods, and supplies in the game are stored in the Barn. Players are able to increase the storage capacity up to 25.000 by using Bolts, Duct Tapes and Planks.


Crops, berries and fruits will be well stored in the Silo. To increase Silo storage capacity, you need to use Nails, Screws and Wood Panels.

These two Storage Buildings are located in the Farm. They are available from the start of the game, and you must repair them during the tutorial before you can use them.

Tackle box

Tackle box is located in the Fishing area, it is a storage box to store all the Lures, Nets and Traps. You are able to use the Tackle box once you unlock the Fishing Lake at Farm level 27. Nails, Screws and Wood Panels are needed to increase its capacity.

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