The basics

The basics

When your Farm level reaches 31 and you have completed 20 achievements, Maggie, the builder, will come to your Farm every Monday and stay for 3 days. Her workbench is located near the Town Request Board. She’s here to help you customize your Farmhouse, your Roadside Shop, and your Truck.

Every week, she will bring random design options for each independent part. Each option has its own price in terms of Coins, diamonds, or Vouchers. They will be listed in different tabs when you tap on her workbench:

  • Farmhouse: Roof, Walls, and Porch
  • Roadside Shop: Awning, Crates, and Base
  • Truck: Cabin, Trailer, and Wheels

If you don't like any of the parts, you can use the “restock” button under each part with a few diamonds to check out more options.

If you are not sure about the designs, you can select one or more options to check the effect picture on the right side to help you make the decision. Once you’ve decided, just tap on the “build” button at the bottom right, confirm your operation, and then let Maggie do the rest.

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