Special Derby weeks will have a unique theme that gives you a chance to win better rewards and earn extra points. Some of the tasks will give you up to 400 points!

Here are some examples of Derby Themes that are commonly seen in the game:

Mystery Derby

All Mystery Tasks will have an interrogation mark pin on top of them, and they contain 400 points. The task will reveal its detail once you take it, and it can be any type of Derby Task in a different level of difficulty.

Bingo Derby

A Bingo Board (4x4 squares) will be added right next to the Bingo Derby Task Board, and each square shows a task type with the number of times that tasks must be completed. Once a square is completed, it will turn blue. Bingo lines can be formed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Keep in mind that the Neighborhood can only unlock up to 3 columns of Bingo rewards, even if more than 3 Bingo lines were completed.

Blossom Derby

Blossom Tasks will have a green border and pink flower pin on top of them, and their points increase up to 400, depending on the number of completion. Each Blossom Task has a 3-days countdown timer that starts ticking when the first member takes it. Keep in mind that the timer will not pause while it’s not assigned to a member.

Power Derby

Power Derby Tasks are a bit easier than in normal Derby, and every player's Personal Task Quota will be doubled.

Chill Derby

The Chill Derby is for everybody to chill out! There is no racing against other Neighborhoods, no ranking, and no promotion or demotion. All players can complete 5 tasks daily, all tasks are easy and have the same points. Once you complete a task, it will go back to the board. Tasks reset every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC. You also have a chance to reach 3 additional reward thresholds. Keep in mind that the tasks on the board cannot be trashed.

Bunny Derby

In a Bunny Derby, there are 3 total bunnies that will appear on the horse racing track. When you catch a bunny, your Neighborhood gets an extra reward threshold. Bunny Tasks are only available during the Bunny Time, which happens regularly for a short while. There is a timer telling you how long the Bunny Time lasts and when the next Bunny Time will appear. Only Bunny Tasks will help you get the bunnies, so watch the time!

To know more about the next Derby Theme, press the information button (i) in the Derby pause screen.

Bingo Derby
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