Town Area

Town basics

Town basics

The Town area unlocks at Farm level 34.

Repairing the platform next to your Neighborhood house costs 39.000 coins and 3 days. When it is ready, you can use the handcar to take you into the joyful Town area. From there, you can rebuild and manage your own little Town!

EGGspress Train

Once you clean up the Train Station, the EGGspress Train will approach and drop off interesting visitors who are stopping by for some quality time in your Town. Serving them well will reward you with Coins, Experience points, Reputation points and also Tools and supplies in certain cases.

Reputation points

Reputation points are only awarded in the Town! The form of the red heart represents how happy your visitors are.

As your Reputation level progresses, up to 7 Service Buildings can be built:

  • Grocery Store
  • Cinema
  • Dinner
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Spa
  • Gift Shop
  • Beach Café

Town Request Board

It’s a wooden board next to the handcar, which shows what product you will need for each visitor waiting to be served!

Town basics
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