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Truck Orders

Truck Orders

Truck Orders can be found in the Order Board near your Farmhouse! They unlock at Farm Level 4, and you can find up to 9 orders pinned there.

Once you complete an order, tap the “Truck” icon on the bottom right to send the Truck away, and a new order will appear. After a few seconds, the Truck will drive back along the road, bringing you the rewards for the order!


For every order, you will be rewarded with Coins and XP!

You can also earn an extra random Voucher if the order requests smelter and jeweler products (indicated with a green note on the board).

During some Truck Events, you may get the double or even triple amount of Coins and XP for filling an order.

Missing requested order items

If you don’t have the items requested by an order, don’t worry! You can:

  • Discard the order and wait (6-30 minutes, depending on your Farm Level) for a new order to show up.
  • Use the “Ask for help” button to request for help. You are free to make up to 3 public help requests, plus 1 exclusive Neighborhood help request per day.
    • ‘Extra Truck Help’ and ‘More Neighborhood Requests’ Farm Perks allow you to request additional help from other players or your Neighborhood for your Truck Order. These Perks last for the entire Farm Pass Season.
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