The Valley

Valley Currencies

Valley Currencies


Completing requests in the Valley, sending Sanctuary Animals to their Sanctuary, and helping broken-down Trucks will award you Tokens. There are three colors: Red, Blue, and Green Tokens.

Remember to use your Tokens wisely. Once you reach the maximum capacity of your Token Wallet, you’ll have to free some space by trading them in Valley Shops before you can keep earning other Tokens.

Transferring Tokens to the next Valley Season

The Piggy Bank allows you to transfer your remaining unused Tokens to the next Valley Season. However, the amount of Tokens that can be transferred depends on your Piggy Bank’s capacity. If your Piggy Bank reaches its maximum capacity, any remaining unused Tokens will be reset to zero before the opening of the next Valley Season.


Chickens are a group resource that is used to unlock the second tab of the Valley Shop for everyone in the Valley map. The number of Chickens you and your fellow Valley players collected is shown on the Valley Shop screen.

Chickens can be found in:

  • Daily Quests: Act quickly before the Chicken disappears!
  • Group Order Requests: Complete the request together with other players.
  • Road Stops: Your truck will automatically make a short stop to collect the Chicken.
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