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Vouchers are unlocked at Farm Level 20, and are used to purchase Pets, Decorations, or Maggie’s Farm Customization .You can also use them to produce Fishing Lures!

Voucher Types

Common Voucher

There are 4 different colors of Common Vouchers, with some colors being rarer than others. The most common Voucher is the Green one, then Blue, Purple, and lastly, the most valuable one, Gold.

You can get Vouchers from completing Boat Deliveries, special Truck Deliveries, opening Mystery Boxes, or spinning the Wheel of Fortune! Vouchers are also available for purchase with Diamonds.

Chick Voucher

The Chick Voucher is a special reward that you can get in both the free and the premium Farm Pass Road! Unlike the Common Voucher, the Chick Voucher can’t be purchased with Diamonds.

You can store up to 25 Chick Vouchers on your Farm. Use Chick Vouchers to trade special items from the Shop, like unique Pets!

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