What's new?

What's New?

Welcoming the new Pet and Sanctuary Animals!

  • Say hello to the new unique Pet: The Peacock! You can purchase the Peacock by using the special Chick Vouchers, only available from the Farm Pass (both paid and free).

  • The awesome Arctic Foxes are ready to roam in their Habitat. Complete the Puzzle Pieces to unlock them in your Sanctuary Area!

  • Let’s welcome the new addition to the Guinea Pig family: the Sheba Guinea Pig!

Features & Improvements requested from the Community
  • The Preservation Station! Now you can preserve and enjoy your Kimchi, Dried Fruits, Pickles, and Canned fish all year long with this new Production Machine.

  • New Derby and Postman Decorations.

  • Passion Fruits: discover and prepare new tasty recipes like Passion Fruit Pie, Passion Fruit Juice, Passion Fruit Jam, and Tart Dressing with this delicious new crop!

  • UI Improvements:
    • Larger Neighborhood description area

    • Level Up pop-up improvements

    • Show the players’ Sun Point tasks instead of yours when visiting them

    • Supercell ID friends will now be identifiable in the 'In-game friends' section

  • Improvements in loading times.

  • A bagful of bug fixes!

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