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Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary is located across the small river in your Town area and is unlocked at Reputation Level 3. To access it, you will need to unlock the Expansion areas that are connected to the Sanctuary.

How to get Sanctuary Animals?

By the river, there is a desk with a blue Sanctuary Book on it. Repair the desk and open the Book to get your first Sanctuary Animal for free! To unlock more animals, you need to collect Puzzle Pieces. Each animal requires 36 Puzzle Pieces. You can check your progress in the Sanctuary Book. Puzzle Pieces can be found in the following ways:

  • The Valley’s Shop
  • Derby horseshoe rewards
  • Mystery boxes
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Boats with Puzzle rewards

There are a total of 26 animals, 2 adults and 2 babies of each of the following animals:

  • Giraffe

  • Hippo

  • Elephant

  • Zebra

  • Gorilla

  • Reindeer

  • Arctic Fox (only adults)

Once you collect all Puzzle Pieces for a second animal of the same species, you simply need to upgrade the Animal Shelter for free to have the animal in your Sanctuary. It’s the same way to get baby animals as adult ones, just that you first need to have both of the adult animals of one kind to unlock the baby animal of the same kind.

Feed the Sanctuary Animals

You can feed the Sanctuary Animals with the wheat bundle. This forage, made from 75 units of wheat, is produced in the Feed Mill on your Farm. Make sure you go to the second page of the products in the Feed Mill in order to find the Wheat Bundle to produce it!

Town visitors and the Sanctuary

Once you have unlocked the Sanctuary, some of your visitors may want to watch the Sanctuary Animals after you have served them in all the buildings they intended to visit first. Then they will walk towards the Sanctuary, admire the animals, and drop an additional reward near the desk for you.

Some eager visitors may also want to see animals you don’t have yet. Don’t worry, they will catch the train and leave as usual.

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